Latest Patch

Version 1.3.22

• FIX: Graphical issue with the Home page header is resolved
• FIX: Changelog and Privacy URLs launch properly on first tap
• IMPROVEMENT: Better button handling throughout the app
• OTHER: Various under-the-hood improvements

Latest Major Release

Version 1.3

Hi there! This update brings some exciting improvements to the app, including an all-new option for multiple pictures per project. Details below!


• Updated Project View •
Now when viewing your projects, you’ll notice the “Favorites” button has moved to the left, and a new Meatballs Menu (horizontal ellipsis) is on the right. This menu now holds the Delete and Edit operations for the post.

• Updated Edit Mode •
When viewing a post, you can get to Edit Mode by tapping on the Meatball Menu and choosing Edit. Save changes by tapping on the checkmark, or discard and exit Edit Mode by tapping on the X. To edit the text, simply tap into the textbox and add your text, then scroll up or down to dismiss the keyboard. To update in image, tap on the picture to update and take a new photo with the camera. To change the project date, keep reading!

• Date Edit •
You can now edit a saved project’s date. When viewing a post, tap the Meatball Menu and tap Edit to enter Edit Mode. From here you can tap on the date in the red box to set a new project date. Be sure to tap “Confirm” and then the new Checkmark to save.

• Option to add up to 5 pictures per post via add-on •
Today, Artbox is fully-featured with your initial download, allowing you to add an unlimited number of profiles and projects, edit profiles and posts, and backup photos taken within the app to your Photo Library. Some projects, however, can’t be fully captured with only a single image. Drawings can be two-sided, sculptures need viewing from multiple angles, and chalk can take up an entire sidewalk.

Add-ons extend the app’s utility beyond the incredible list of default features. Today, I’m excited to announce that you can now enable multiple pictures per post (up to 5). To add multiple pictures to a post, unlock the add-on from Settings. When creating a new post, tap the newly added “Plus” sign to include additional images, either from your camera or from your Photo Library. NOTE: the Gallery view will show only the primary (first) picture of each post.

You can find this In-App Purchase option by tapping “Manage Add-ons” in the Settings tab


  • Removed the following unnecessary local notifications:
    • When adding/removing favorites
    • When a project has been saved
  • Corrected some minor graphical spacing issues
  • Added a Turtle imprint behind the Date in posts


• New Posts default to the current date
• Revamped Dark Theme
• Improved object spacing

Version History

Version 1.3.2

• NEW: Follow Artbox on social! Links added in Settings
• NEW: Access the app’s changelog by tapping Settings > What’s New
• IMPROVED: Privacy and Changelog links open in-app
• IMPROVED: Miscellaneous object spacing adjustments
• IMPROVED: Updated first-use experience

Version 1.3.1

• NEW: Fresh header design when viewing a profile. Now includes the total number of projects for that person. When viewing a profile, tap on the profile picture to make changes.
• IMPROVED: When editing a post, double-tap the image(s) to edit. This helps avoid accidental edit prompts from the previous single-tap implementation
• IMPROVED: Minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the app (new header logo, button spacing, text edits, etc)
• IMPROVED: Updated first-use experience
• FIXED: Corrected some Dark-Theme text in the “Manage Add-ons” screen

Version 1.2

• Added animations to help new Artbox users get started
• Added a short vibration during profile removal warning

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1 brings an improved user experience:
• Tap on a profile to immediately view that user’s projects
• The new profile view hides away infrequent options, accessible in a new settings icon

Version 1.0.8

• Added some minor animations to smooth out navigation
• Added Gallery View Tips for when a user is added but no projects exist
• Added Favorites View Tips for when no projects have been favorited
• Fixed a bug causing review prompt when viewing favorites
• Fixed a graphical bug in the Add User screen
• Improved Search experience in the Gallery View
• Cleaned up some code under the hood

Version 1.0.7

• Fixed a bug that cleared a project’s text box when adding Emojis
• Numerous user experience tweaks & updates
• Under the hood improvements

Version 1.0.6

• Bug fixes and improvements to make Artbox even better for you!

Version 1.0.5

• Added a confirmation dialog when a new project is successfully added

Version 1.0.4

• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.0.3

• This update is simply some minor housecleaning… don’t mind me!

Version 1.0.2

• You can now update a user’s profile picture from your Photo Library
• Fixed an issue that could cause user profiles to load slowly on the Home tab

Version 1.0.1

• Fixed some spacing isusues on the Welcome screen
• Fixed an issue dismissing the camera when adding a new user

Initial Release

Version 1.0

• Ready for launch!