Keeper of arts & crafts

An Essential Tool

We get you -- keep those special projects while keeping a decluttered house.

Apple Exclusive

Built natively for iPhone and iPad

Privacy First

No personally identifiable information is ever collected.

Intuitive Design

Built for ease of use and simple navigation.

Unlimited Profiles

Create an unlimited amount of private artist profiles.

Favorites View

Not all projects are created equal -- easily find your favorites.

iCloud Sync

Profiles and projects are automatically synced and backed up to iCloud (Pro)


Lock your app with biometric authentication (Pro)


Feature your artists' work right on your homescreen.

People Are Talking

"If you have young kids you really ought to check this out."

- Oliver Haslam

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"Artbox solves the problem of what to do with all your kids’ “masterpieces.”"

- Shifrah Combiths

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"I love that so many features are available entirely for free"

- Andrew O'Hara

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"It is the perfect app for the Minimalist Parent, who doesn't want any clutter."

- Raheela James

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