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Artbox - Crafting Memories

Artbox is the stand-out solution for documenting arts and crafts. Whether you’re an artist wanting to document your sketches and paintings, a creator needing to capture your knitting and crocheting creations, or a parent who has creative kids at home, Artbox is the quintessential app for crafting memories.

Get started by adding your artist profiles. You can add as many as you’d like! Then you can start adding projects to populate your gallery.

Artbox features a native and refreshing user experience. There is no limit on how many projects you can add. You can easily find your favorites or search for projects by keyword.

Add a description of each art piece and record the date it was created. Artbox will automatically display the artist’s age from when their masterpiece was made (configurable).

App Features

• Private profile for each artist
• Project Details display the artist’s age at the time the project was created (configurable)
• Project Details allows for a description of the project and the artist’s inspiration
• Browse projects by artist, by favorites, or the entire gallery
• Search the gallery to easily find projects
• Profiles and projects are fully editable
• iCloud Sync & Backup*
• iPad support
• Face ID / Touch ID*
• Mac Catalyst available
• Widget Support
• Milestones to celebrate your progress
• Automatic Light/Dark Mode based on device settings (configurable)
• Custom App Icons*
• Localization Support (English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Chinese)

*Requires an Artbox Pro Subscription, or a one-time payment for Lifetime sub.

Feature Breakdown

Feature Basic Pro
Unlimited Profiles * *
Unlimited Projects * *
Configurable Text Overlays * *
Metadata Export * *
Share Individual Projects * *
Multiple Photos per Project   * (up to 4)
Widgets * *
Color-Matched Widgets   *
iCloud Sync & Backup   *
Additional Color Profiles   *
Custom Icons   *
Touch ID / Face ID   *

Artbox Pro offers the best user experience and is available in 3 flavors:

  1. $0.99 / month
  2. $9.99 / year
  3. One-time payment of $24.99 for a Lifetime Subscription

App Screenshots

App Store Details

Apple App ID: 1557964462
Category: Lifestyle
Developer: rakTech LLC (USA)
Contact: You can contact me at or on Twitter: @artboxtheapp / @thatvirtualboy